Garage Dreaming

I am in the midst of packing up our garage and shoving it into our PODS unit. While I’m trying to upbeat and optimistic, packing is never really all that fun.

The garage is filthy and I keep freaking out at spiders — dead and alive — along with their webs, ancient lint and mysterious muck. My body is sore and I moan and groan every time I pick up the slightest thing.


I’ve made great progress, to be sure, but I’m still several days out from being done. And then I have to turn my attention to the rest of the house! At least I won’t find any rat poop surprises there! (Please, please, please!)

Still, I’m surprised by how patient I’ve been. Definitely not like the last time I moved, which was incredibly stressful and rushed … and without any home to move to.

I’m grateful we get to do this remodel. I’m grateful that I have a chance to create an efficient home and that the kids will benefit from the extra space. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize and just getting ‘er done.

One of the ways I entertain myself as I do battle with the bugs, dirt and heavy boxes is to fantasize about how fabulous my garage will look when all is said and done.

As I’ve mentioned before, our garage simply does not work.


It so easily gets cluttered, and while I do reorganize and give it a good cleaning every three to four months, it doesn’t take long for it to fall into complete and utter chaos.

Part of this is due to the fact that I probably don’t have the best organizing system out there. But the other reason is that the garage just serves waaaay too many functions — except for housing an actual car. These include:

– Holiday storage

– Sports & camping gear

– Workout room

– Laundry room

– Workshop (complete with two drill benches and copious amounts of tools and gear)

– Wine cellar (and home to all of the paraphernalia that goes along with my husband’s wine making hobby)

– Overflow storage for entertaining ware & kitchen pantry

– Everything that we can’t find a home for in the house.

I’m sure it’s the same for many families out there. Everyone (I hope) has a junk drawer in the kitchen. It’s just that sometimes that drawer can easily turn into a two-car garage.

That’s probably the biggest reason I was so drawn to Cyndy’s pegboard garage wall featured on her most awesome website The Creativity Exchange.

The Creativity Exchange

The Creativity Exchange

Most impressive about this wall is that it is only 5.5 inches deep. Get … OUT!! Look at all of the things on it?

I know this is completely redundant given how popular it has become, but how awesome is pegboard? Sure, it’s one thing to create storage for all of the things you have, but what if you inherit 30 more cans of must-have spray paint? Or you get yet another drill? Where to put it when the entire wall space has already been carefully curated and spoken for?

Pegboard. That’s where. All it takes is a little switch-a-roo and you can quickly and easily reinvent your storage solution.

The really beauty, of course, is that you can easily see, grab and replace things on a pegboard wall. My current system involves a lot of plastic bins which you have to haul down, open and rummage around in. Then, hopefully, remember to put back in a timely fashion.

So in addition to tons of pegboard, here’s what I want in my new garage:

– Relocate the laundry room, workout stuff, drum set and winemaking production. Our home design will do just that. Thanks hubby!

– Have everything within reach. Ie. no loft storage that requires a ladder like we have now or bicycles hanging from the ceiling.

– Get at least one car in the garage, which should fit two.

– Store things — and this will be a challenge — behind closed doors when possible.

– Do it cheaply, which is why storing things behind closed doors will be difficult. So, maybe the goal should be to make it as attractive as possible. (attractive?)

One thing we have going for us in the cost-cutting department is that we can reuse our current Ikea kitchen cabinets, complete with countertops, in the garage. Sweet! So, if I can get at least one wall of closed-door storage I’ll be a happy girl.

In order to bring some pretty to other parts of the garage, I think I’m going to touch the rainbow. I’m going for color coordination, baby!


Target, God bless that store, has these durable and nicely sized storage bins available in myriad colors. At least they did in March, when half the country was supposedly doing their spring cleaning. I wasn’t getting bitten by that bug … at least not until I saw these bins.

Oh my gosh! I thought. I could color-coordinate all of my storage needs! Grass Green for landscaping, ice blue for ski gear, purple for …. well, I don’t know, Gay Pride Festival gear?


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