I’m learning that home construction involves a lot of hurry up and wait. (Duh!!)

Up until a few weeks ago, we were all systems go with our home remodel. We had been offered two apartments to live in, one of which was in downtown Mill Valley and cheap as could be. Granted, one of the bedrooms would only be able to fit a bed and nothing more, BUT … it was downtown! Plenty of restaurants, playgrounds, a bar to which Kevin could escape when the din of living on top of each other got to be too much.

I was busily filling up our PODS, whistling while I worked and dreaming of my master bedroom, and was ready to pull the trigger on a nearby storage unit for everything else. I had even found a place to store Kevin’s wine!

And then … our permit was hung up due to a moratorium on winter grading. The earliest we could start work would be April. April? A full six months away? To say Kevin was upset was an understatement.

It was frustrating, and so I lost my momentum in writing. I focused, instead, on resigning myself to starting in April. And living in our uninspiring home with everything half packed until then. It didn’t help that whenever someone wanted something they hadn’t wanted for years I’d have to say, “You can’t have it. It’s in the POD.” A mere 10 feet away, but so tightly packed that it would be unfathomable to reach whatever it was.

Kevin, however, refused to take no for an answer. “They’ll just come up with some other reason why we can’t start in April,” he reasoned. Which is why he excels in the real estate business. Sometimes you have to force things through.

After a quick call in which he ripped a new one for everyone in the building department, he got someone to come out two weeks ago and say, “Well, sure, I don’t see why you shouldn’t get a grading permit!” So now, they’re shuffling more paperwork around … and letting the Thanksgiving holiday get in the way. Natch.

So now we’re waiting, waiting, waiting. Kevin is flexing his vocal chords for a follow up phone call tomorrow. I can only hope it results in an all-systems-go verdict.

Fingers crossed.